About Twilite Chorus


Twilite Chorus was formed in May 1995 by Addie MS and Alex Frits of the Twilite Orchestra, along with Aida Swenson and Yoseph Suryadi. Aida Swenson was chosen as the first chorus director of Twilite Chorus.

In 1999, Avip Priatna was appointed director of Twilite Chorus to replace Aida Swenson after finishing his education at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna, Austria. Then, in 2001, Luciana D. Oendoen was appointed director of Twilite Chorus, followed by Benjamin F. Manumpil in 2003. In 2007, Twilite Chorus was under the direction of Levi Setiadi Prakasa.

The purpose of forming Twilite Chorus is not only to support the activities of Twilite Orchestra, but also to increase community appreciation of the choir. It is also expected that Twilite Chorus can promote choral music in Indonesia.

Twilite Chorus has performed with the Twilite Orchestra in a number of important concerts, including:

  • Simfoni Kemerdekaan (Bogor Palace, 1995)
  • Konser Tahun Emas (JHCC, 1995)
  • Independence Day Concert (BIMASENA, The Dharmawangsa 1999)
  • Popstravaganza Concert (Teater Tanah Airku, TMII, 1999)
  • Symphony of Unity (BIMASENA, The Dharmawangsa, 2000)
  • Carmina Burana, sponsored by PT Metropolitan Retailmart (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, 2000)
  • Bangkitlah Indonesiaku (BIMASENA, The Dharmawangsa, 2001)
  • Bali Memorial Concert (Garuda Wishnu Kencana, Bali, November 2002)
  • Dji Sam Soe Konser Indonesiaku (Jakarta-Medan-Surabaya, Mei 2003)
  • Konser tahunan Musicademia (2000-2010)
  • Indonesia – A Touch of Harmony (Sydney Opera House, Australia, Juli 2009)
  • “ASEAN Summit” (Jakarta Convention Center, 2011)
  • “Enchanting Harmony” (Bratislava, Republik Slovakia, dan Berlin, Jerman, Juni 2012).

In addition, Twilite Chorus has also held a number of concerts themselves, including:

  • An Evening with Twilite Chorus (Goethehaus dan Plaza Oktroi, 2004)
  • A Prayer in the Night – Tribute to Tsunami Victims (Goethehaus, 2005)
  • Twilite Chorus – A Sound from 20th Century (Recital Studio, Esplenade Theaters on Bay, 2006)
  • A Musical Moment (Goethehaus, 2006)
  • Theresienmesse – A Classical Moment (Universitas Atmajaya, 2007).